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June 01 2016


Diabetes Destroyer Review


Northeast Alabama Regional Medical Center has a rich tradition like a healthcare leader in Northeast Alabama. Having a 338-licensed bed capacity, Regional Clinic is a non-tax supported, not-for-profit hospital, serving over 250,000 citizens in the region. The excellence of our facility has been documented by the continuing approval from the Joint Commission on Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations. - OBGYN Doctors Anniston

Over 185 physicians, representing most major specialties, comprise Regional Medical Center�s medical staff. Its employees number over 1,400 full and in your free time, making it one of Calhoun County�s largest employers. Regional Infirmary is a member of the Voluntary Hospitals of the usa, Inc., an alliance of over 800 not-for-profit healthcare providers sharing common goals, values, and philosophies. - OBGYN Doctors Anniston

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